Ultimate Guide to Sizing for Mens Watches

Buying a watch isn’t as simple as clicking online or visiting a retailer and picking out one that looks nice. Of course, you could do that. But if you want your watch to fit well with both your personal style and your proportions, it’s worth taking the time to choose your next mens watch carefully.

An important part of choosing a watch is, of course, size. When you get your watch size right, it just fits (no pun intended). You can glance at your watch, or pull back your sleeve to check the time, and everything is just right. It sits well on your wrist. It’s comfortable to wear. It looks dapper without making you look like a rap artist.

How can you find that perfect watch size? The trick is knowing what to look for, from the size of the strap to the diameter of the dial. Here are the vital spastics you need to check out before purchasing your next watch:

Wrist Band Width

The wrist band width is a vital part of getting your watch size just right. A good rule of thumb is to look for a band width that’s approximately half the size of the watch case width in millimeters. That’s the ideal measurement for a watch that looks properly in proportion.

However, the right band width is also determined by your own proportions, and the watch type. If you have slender wrists, or have chosen a neat, dressy watch, a slimmer band might work well. If you have large wrists, or have chosen a thicker watch case, a thicker band could be the right choice for you.


Case Diameter

Getting the right case diameter is a must. The case diameter will determine how your watch looks on your wrist, and whether the size is a good match for you.

Case diameter is measured in millimeters from the outside edge of the case, in a straight line across the face to the other edge of the case. It’s generally recommended that you look for a case diameter between 38mm and 46mm. Anything below that will look too feminine for a mans’ watch, while anything above that risks looking chunky and garish.

As with wrist band width, your choice of case diameter will be determined to some degree by your own proportions, and by the style of watch you prefer. If you have larger wrists, something closer to the 46mm mark will work well for you, while those with more slender wrists might look in the 38mm – 42mm range.

More classic, elegant or dressy watches lend themselves well to a narrower case, while more modern or sporty styles often look good with a wider case diameter.

Case Thickness 

The thickness of the case itself, matters too. In general, you will ind that the thickness of the case is directly related to the case diameter, but it’s still worth taking an extra look at the case thickness before you purchase.

Watch cases tend to range from around 6mm to 10mm. As with other watch measurements, the thicker cases will sit better if you have larger wrists, while the more slender cases will be better suited to smaller wrists.

Wrist Band Material

The wrist band material of your watch also plays a part in choosing the right watch size. A metal wrist band will look thicker and chunkier than a leather wrist band of the same width. Keep this in mind when choosing your watch – if you opt for a metal wrist band, be aware that it will add the illusion of thickness to your watch strap. By the same token, if you want to keep with a slender look, leather may be your best choice.

Sizing your watch just right will pull your overall style together nicely, making you look confident and well dressed. Whether your style is elegant leather timepiece or a confident, solid metal watch, get the size right and your watch will fit your wrist as if it was made for it.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Quality Photography Equipment

I need quality equipment, is a sentence you will frequently hear from anyone who is into photography. What sometimes seems as unnecessary expense for other people, people who are into photography seem to get a thrill out of spending money on pricey equipment. However, a lot of people might find it and reasonable to spend large sums of money on photography equipment. Today we will discuss most common reasons why people should not try to save money on quality photography equipment, and why quality photography equipment is necessary.

  1. To Take Quality Photographs

If you want to take quality photographs, you can be reassured that you cannot do that without quality photography equipment. That being said, whether it is just your hard be or your regular job, if you want to make quality photographs you will have to spend some money on buying quality equipment such as a Lumix G7 in order to do so successfully.


  1. Reduce Stress

That being said, if you are working with less than quality equipment, your photographs might seem not to show the full extent of your creative potential. In addition to that, you might also feel stressed and under pressure when using inadequate photography equipment. If you want to reduce any of the stress you may be experiencing, it would be for the best to invest money into buying quality equipment for your photography endeavours.

  1. Reduce Frustration

Moreover, equipment that doesn’t function properly can really make you not only stressed but frustrated. This constant frustration will lead to lack of your creativity, as well as the lack of success. All of this can only lead to being frustrated with photography and finally leaving the idea of becoming a photographer behind altogether.

  1. Make Photography Enjoyableba8

If you want to make photography enjoyable for yourself, make sure that you invest some money into quality photography equipment. In addition to that, it will not only reduce the levels of stress and anxiety, but it will also reduce the frustration with inadequate equipment. Quality photography equipment will make you focus on what is really important in photography and that is creativity. That being said, with quality photography equipment you will have a wider range of possibilities to express yourself, and you will be able to make quality photographs. If you want to make progress in photography, it will be tremendously important that you devote time and money such as buying a high end DSLR camera to making the optimal conditions in order for you to be able to immerse yourself in photography.

  1. To Make A Living

Making are living with photography has never been easier, or more difficult at the same time. If you want to make a living just by snapping pictures, it can be done so, however you will need to have enough creativity, but also what’s more important you will have to have the right tools. Without proper and quality equipment you cannot expect to make a decent living on photography. In other words, it is necessary that you have quality photography equipment if you want to make money and take photographs for a living.


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